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Now you can shop your favourite selection of dry fruits and nuts collection from Sindhi - The Best Dry Fruits Shop Near You.

Dry Fruits, Nuts and Berries

Access largest variety of dry fruits, berries, edible seeds and nuts from India's best wholesale dry fruits shop.
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Swiggy Minis

Access largest variety of items from more than 30 brands which are available on our offline store.
Direct fulfilment by the store.
Delivery in 0-1 working days in Delhi-NCR.
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Blink It App

Can't Wait? Need immediately? Order from the Blink It app. Premium quality from the comfort of your home.
Direct fulfilment by Blink It.
Delivery in 7-30 minutes.
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Buy a wide variety of products from Sindhi Dry Fruits with the trust of Amazon. Avail host of bank offers. Fulfilment by Amazon.in
Delivery handled by Amazon.in across India.
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You can shop from the comfort of your messaging app without switching to another platform.
Direct fulfilment from the offline store.
Delivery in 2 working days.
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Jio Mart

Do you trust the Reliance group? So do we. Buy Premium dry fruits from Sindhi Dry Fruits.
Fulfilment from the store.
Delivery in 2-5 working days.
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Big Basket

Don't like multiple ordering of different grocery items?
Order on Big Basket.
Fulfilment from Big Basket.
Delivery in 0-1 working days.
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Have a feedback regarding the order? Just drop us a mail. You can also order there. Direct fulfilment from the offline store.
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The Outlook featured our story for advocating readiness of offline stores towards online shopping and facing the competition thereof. Click below and Read more.
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INDIA TV and AAJ TAK group featured us pan-India for more than 3 weeks on their various platforms for our exemplary performance selling online.
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The Statesmen featured the co-owners of the brand -- Inder Kumar Kataria and Sanjay Kataria -- for being the consistent supplier of quality dry fruits.
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Sindhi Dry Fruits on India Today

Being a 4th-generation family business to establish themselves online, Sindhi Dry Fruits have reached new heights with the help of Amazon local. Now, they are growing and expanding their business across India online. Watch our story on India Today in association with #AmazonSmbhav.


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Dry Fruits Shop Near Me
Siddharth Unhavne December 03, 2023
I visited in Delhi last month on occasion of Diwali. As I came across dry fruits shop near me like Sindhi Dry Fruits where I found very nice dry fruits at reasonable prices.
Best and Authentic Place
Imtiyaz Ansari March 26, 2012
This is the best aud authentic place to buy dry fruits, you can find almost every type of dryfruits over here with competitive price
Buying Since Ages
Parul Kumar Dec 18, 2022
I've been going to this shop since I was a kid. Their dry fruits are of the best quality and almost equal prices as compared to other dry fruit stores.
Great Product and Highly Recommended
Ruchir Mishra Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022
The quality of their products is great as well and I have never had a reason to complain in so many years. It is a great store and highly recommended.
Tried Other Brands But to No Avail
Prashant Pandey Jan 26, 2023
I have tried many places in the city, ...However no one was as good and consistant with the quality and pricing as Sindhi Dryfruits.

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